Welcome to Qursi Software

We specialize in building web databases


Our Qualities

A lot of data

We help unlock large amounts of information and images.

Simple systems

We build systems that are easy to understand and use.

Much experience

We have many years of experience and work for a variety of clients.


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Qursi is my own company, which I use for fun and challenging projects. With Qursi I combine my skills in setting up software and my experience in teaching about computers. Because I have a lot of knowledge of what users find pleasant and clear, I think I create easy-to-understand websites and apps.

In recent years I have mainly focused on the development of archaeological database systems with Qursi. I also manage a number of websites about art, among other things.

Qursi is primarily a one-man business, but I have a broad network and can respond quickly where possible.

Stephan Nicolaij


Qursi Software is based in the city of Groningen, in the Netherlands. For address details, quotes or questions, please contact stephan@qursisoftware.com